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As it is widely known, Cosmopolitan is a well known international woman's fashion magazine that has been around for a very long time. This magazine features info on hair, dating tips, sex advice and relations etc including up-to-minute news about the well-famed celebrities pertaining to modeling and Hollywood magazines. Their pictures are typically portrayed on the front page of the magazine in stunning form. Incidentally, cosmopolitan magazine highlights varieties of innovative cosmopolitan hairstyles for men and women to follow. Apart from the cosmopolitan magazine hairstyles provides celebrity beauty and hair tips. Here are a few Cosmopolitan hairstyles 2011 for you.

Long and Straight

As an essential part of the voguish fashion, long and straight hair is recommended by Cosmopolitan magazine that is basically in rage among the man. Well, there is a biological reason to back this factor up; men like their partners to have flawless, tangible hair, which serves as an epitome of good health and fertility. Most decidedly, to get this type of look the simplest way is to apply on hair that are already straight. Using a hair blower and drier, you can blow and dry your hair and later applying large, round brush and pull it straight. To ensure a brilliant and levelheaded shape, you can use straightening machine to make hair look sparkly and level. Also, ensure to use an anti-frizz serum too.

Layers and Bangs

Layers and Bangs is another very important cosmopolitan hairstyles remarked by Cosmopolitan magazine. According to Oscar Blandi, the celebrity hairstylist and salon owner highlighted that layers and face-framing pieces to your hairstyle makes a woman look more glamorous and elegant. If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, whether it is straight or curly, add layers starting at your chin or a bit lower and that go all the way through your hair. The bangs can be side-swept or hang straight down.

Short Bob

A petite, choppy bob haircut is brazen, elegant, and shows off your eyes and cheekbones whilst outlining your face. Plus, it's also fairly easy to style. You can simply blow dry and use a flat iron or a curling iron to flick it out then spray with hairspray.

High Ponytail

Cosmopolitan dictates that most fashionable men tend to have a high ponytail. It lets them conceive of perky cheerleaders. This is not a tight ponytail. Keep it loose and soft. Use a curling iron to fashion loose curls, from about your ears to the end of your hair. This will allow your hair to get some level of faction. Tie your hair up with an elastic band at the crown of your head.

In short, apart from the aforesaid cosmopolitan hairstyles virtual, you can learn more about cosmopolitan hair color, cosmopolitan hairstyles how tos and more by reading the well-known Cosmopolitan magazine. As it is available online, you are facilitated enough to keep track of every hot news related to hairstyles, sex advice, horoscopes, celebrities news and more sitting in the comfort of your home.